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 Thanks Charice!

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PostSubject: Thanks Charice!   Sat Feb 26 2011, 03:05

Hello, I am grateful to be accepted into this community. I really look forward to building friendships with everyone here.

I first saw a video of Charice on YouTube back in 2007--it's the one where she was singing in a competition in Korea. Ever since then, I have been keeping my eye on her. As I watch her progress successfully through her career and now as a sensational international teen vocalist and TV star, I feel extremely happy for her! She really deserves all that she worked so hard to attain. I will continue cheering her on into the future.

Just a little about me, I have been producing music for over 20 years just as a hobby. I love doing this for the pure enjoyment of music. I enjoy sharing everything that I create with anyone who is willing to listen. Just to see (and hear about) people's happiness after listening to my music is gratifying to me. That's what really drives and inspires me to produce music.

Other than that, I am really into the arts. Needless to say, I love art very much! I love to design websites, make photographs, create artistic images, shoot and edit videos, write philosophical passages, and anything else that involves art. I love art so much that I created a free-to-join website called that I dedicated to every kind of artist world-wide.

If you would like to listen to my music, I have listed some links below. Anyway, let's become friends and cheer on Charice together because she is truly an artist!

Kind regards,

Xay Ly (aka XayberOptix)

Watch my tributes to Charice:
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Thanks Charice!
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