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 The Manila/Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar

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PostSubject: The Manila/Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar   Fri Jun 19 2009, 11:38

Iím sharing these events with you --in case youíre interested, Iíve been learning from Jomar Hilario (the speaker) for a few months now and I can say that he has really helped me start this internet business.

Event details:
1. Cebu/Cagayan De Oro/Davao/ Real Estate Internet Marketing Seminar July 14,15,16,2009
2. Manila Internet (14 hours hands on) Marketing Workshop July 3-4,2009

Learn how to:
1. Create a 2nd source of income via the internet so you don't have to rely on your work income 100%
2. Create an internet business - a 3rd source of income by creating online stores using the supplied bonus ebooks (worth P 20,000) you can sell or using your own products.
3. Popularize your websites/product site for greater income and exposure to your market
4. Use the internet the way the best internet marketers use it-to make yourself a profit!
5. Open your eyes to the possibilities you never thought was possible - online.
6. Finally, build your client email list, like never before.

Start getting out of the rat race via the internet!

The Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar
Resource speaker: Jomar Hilario (
When: July 14, 15, 16 9:30am - 5:30pm,

The Manila Internet (14 hours hands on) Marketing Workshop
Resource speaker: Jomar Hilario (
When: July 3-4 (Manila), 10:30am - 5:30pm, Friday/Saturday

Contact: [url][/url] / [url]
Cebu: Crown Regency Club Ultima, F. Ramos St., Cebu City
CDO and Davao: To be Announced.
Manila: Cubao, Metro Manila (you cannot walk-in, you must pre-register and do the pre-registration activities before you attend)

Full details :



Or Learn Via The Internet using the ONLINE Workshop
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PostSubject: Re: The Manila/Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar   Fri Jul 03 2009, 16:53

That's a great offer! I hope I've been at Cebu so I can also join the seminar. It's very interesting and it somewhat letting me to join but so sad I'm very far from the Philippines.

Clan of Wedding Rings and Rings, New York
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The Manila/Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar
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