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PostSubject: hello   Thu Nov 13 2008, 16:26

hello charice, im from australia i watch your show in you tube everyday just wondering if you have a concert in philippines next year, and the you are a very good singer, all the pilipinos in australia are very proud of you, because you represent the philippines, im looking for your reply flower
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PostSubject: Re: hello   Tue Mar 10 2009, 22:02

Hi Charice. I'm from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Europe:-)
I've heard about You on Fan Forum of singer Tose Proeski and I knew I HAVE to hear You. I just went on the link I've found there......

And....OOOOOOOOO myyyyyy GOOOOOD!. What a Voice!! What a Spirit!! What a performance! I can really tell You (and I'm an old Woman so You can believe me):-)) You ARE the Best singer I've heard. I can say, of course, we have in this World a lot of great singers with really amazing voices.........but You are really really special!! You own the Stage and the Space and The Air all around You when You sing. You are so dominant!!I feel like You own even me with Your voice because Your performance is sooo Powerful and soooo Strong. I can compare a voice with Aretha Franklin or Anastacia, I can compare Your attitude on the Stage with a Celine Dion, but Your presumption and behavior on The Stage is like You are on The Stage like At Home!! And It's not comparable WITH anyone!!
ALL together just in You and You're so Young!!

I really felt special magic listening You......

I wish You keep going on.....with Trust and lot of Luck

God Bless You!!
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